Hand Made in Africa

African supply Co

African Supply Co builds artisan kitchen knives and other tools designed for everyday use. We employ as many recycled, personal, handmade, and local materials as possible without sacrificing the durability and functionality of the tool. It is our goal to manage our resources, and waste in a way that acknowledges our vital relationships with our neighbours as well as the land.

A member of the Lyra Group of Companies

New Products

Hand made basins for bathrooms

These basins are made from hardwoods and are sealed and resistant to ingress of water.


Chefs Knives

Generally we make our chefs knives from Stainless steel, N690 or 12C27. These steels allow a very fine edge and they retain their sharpness.

Blade length varies between 300mm and 350mm for the chefs knife and 110 to150mm for the utility blades







Book Binding Knife

Unique design for book binding - 12C27 Stainless Steel- extremely, sharp, hardworking and will hold an edge.

Matumi wooden scales with Tamboti liners and brass pins


Biltong Knives

PK Biltong range


Biltong knife steel is generally N690 stainless with blades varying between 60 and 80mm in length.

A variety of timber is available for handles.  The image on the left is giraffe bone (blue) and wild olive.

The image above is 12C27 stainless steel, Tamboti scales, tapered tang and brass pins.


Leather Strops

Keeping the edge clean


Bird and Trout


Butter Knives

Swedish Butter Knives

Chefs gift in a box


Pate and Mustard Knives

The pate and mustard knives are unique in design and timber used.


Porridge Stirrer

Unique, non stick porridge (phutu) spoon.

Handmade, no lathe or machine




Cheese Platter Gift Pack....includes honey twirler, jam spoon, butter knife and fork


Cheese Platter sets and Cake lifter

Cheese platter sets include honey twirler, gherkin fork, jam spoon and butter/ cheese knife

The cake lifter is intended asa ceremonial gift with the married couples name engraved on it.

Hair Pins

Hair pins can be used with a leather thong and they also serve as a protection item if properly used.

Shamfuta which is extremely rugged wood


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