Water Wise Landscaping

What we offer is a one-of-a-kind business that provides distinctive character while giving you an economic advantage.
We incorporate innovative design and standardized service solutions while delivering the maximum cost-effective results.

Our sustainability efforts extend beyond our carbon footprint and serve to inspire others to accelerate their efforts towards green living.

All our projects offer water wise solutions which is pivotal in today's environment.

We supply a vast range of services which include:

  • water harvesting systems - see below for more
  • water wise indigenous plants including palms and orchids and aloes
  • indigenous pond lillies
  • river boulders and pebbles as top cover to reduce evaporation
  • indigenous ground cover
  • specialised rock work and cladding
  • indigenous garden designs

indigenous plpants south africa


Water Harvesting

As part of our complete offering, water harvesting for gardens has become a key topic.

With experts predicting that South Africa’s demand for water will exceed its supply by 2025, making better use of our water resources through rainwater collection and enhanced storage and management through water storage solutions, will become a critical part of a more sustainable future.

We offer a complete package to suite your garden with the most efficient system on the market today.

Grey water harvesting forms and integral part of sustaining your garden.  Grey water has, in the past, been sent to "waste".  Today we harvest grey water which has huge implications with regard to saving water.

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