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Beam and Infill Suspended Floors

Using insulating block infill – getting the best of best worlds

Specifying insulating materials for block infill is a win-win option. Structural integrity isn’t compromised, but thermal performance is vastly improved. Additionally, many insulating materials are, by definition, light in weight. This means they can be speedily and easily installed by trained workers – and are safer to handle.

The structure’s basic design has remains unchanged – T-shaped precast concrete beams are laid in rows suspended on the inner leaf of the main walls. The gaps between the beams are then infilled with blocks.

In the earliest iterations of this system, the block material was usually concrete. Now, increasingly, architects and construction companies are specifying materials with more attractive insulating properties – and which are also easier to install.

From foundation to roof - Our latest assisted project - LGOC

A complete project
1. Foundation to roof
2. Plumbing
3. Electrical
4. Engineering

1. Swimming Pool
2. Full entertainment area including WiFi management

New Product Range
Concrete Pre-formed Stadium Seats

A cost saving initiative to block and mortar.  These stadium seats are preformed with only the base layer requiring a concrete base.

Time saving adds to the cost effectiveness as they can be installed very quickly and with ease.

Stadium seats
Stadium seats
Suspended Paving for flat top roofs

Unlike conventional paving or tiling on a concrete slab in which the pavers or tiles are fixed using and adhesive, our pavings are supported using rubber struts or concrete fixing without the use of an adhesive.  The pavers are placed with 5mm spacings between each paver to allow a permeable surface for water run off.

This ensures that we do not interfere with the waterproofing on the roof.


  • We now can create a level paved surface which can be sloped for run off purposes
  • We effectively create a situation where no water pooling occurs
  • An effective protection layer is created shielding the waterproofing from UV and other possible damage
  • Usage can now be made on roof tops and balconies which were previously unused
suspending paving


suspended paving2

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